Creating charts has just become a whole lot easier.

Finally, the end of hours of frustration trying to get the formatting, company branding, axis styles, chart titles, colours, data labels and gridlines, just right.

Now, charts can be automatically formatted, linked and sized to fit the destination placeholder in PowerPoint or Word with a click of a button.

There are limitations to how far you can go with charts in Office. What used to take hours now takes seconds.

Apply your branding in one click

Choose from a selection of chart styles and Create will reformat every aspect to match your company branding, from axis styles, chart titles and colours, to data labels and gridlines.

Intelligent sizing of charts

Charts are automatically formatted, linked and sized to fit the destination placeholder in PowerPoint or Word.*

And what’s more important, updating data in Excel doesn’t mean having to rework the object type in your destination – Create will update using the same method as the original was sent – whether this was a Chart as a Picture or an Excel chart.

*Word tools are only available currently with the fully customised version of Create.

Intelligent sizing of charts

Add Compound Annual Growth Rates, Average and Forecast charts

A comprehensive range of charting tools are available in Excel – add a shaded Average Area or Forecast range at the click of a button. Let Create calculate the CAGR for you and add the line, arrow and label to a selected chart.

Our charting tools have been designed based on real-user experience, all calculations and formats are applied directly in Excel and, more importantly Create tools can be applied to any Excel workbook or chart.

CAGR and forecast
CAGR and forecast

See our charting tools in action

See how easy it is to format, size and send charts in Excel and PowerPoint, using Create.

Advanced Chart Types

You can use the Wizard to create specialist charts, which would normally require advanced Excel knowledge and hundreds of mouse-clicks.

With Create it takes just a few seconds including any calculations required to achieve the charts.

Waterfall Chart

Marimekko Chart

Price Volume Chart

X-Y Scatter Chart

Gantt Chart

Bubble Chart

Bar Chart

Bar and Line Chart

Stacked Cluster Chart

Now you can easily add professionally presented charts to your reports and presentations in seconds with Create.