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Improve speed sending, saving and working with Excel

Optimise Excel

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Problems with large, unwieldy Excel files is an industry issue. It happens with files that have been recycled multiple times. Keep your databooks and models healthy, reducing file size and improving stability and performance.

  • Reduce file sizes by as much as 90%
  • Scan for bloated files, unused named ranges and cell styles
  • Option to fix some or all issues
  • Fix and saves changes in a new Excel file without altering original content of spreadsheets
Repair - remove unused cell styles
Remove unused cell styles

Avoid performance issues

Styles in Excel are one of those things that sound good in theory, but as soon as you start copying a pasting between workbooks, then your styles can get into a right mess. Our handy tool reports the instances and then removes them in a second.

  • Excel has a limit of cell styles it can display
  • Retains the original formatting, so your repaired model should look the same
  • With Excel's name manager, you can only remove them one by one
  • If you try to remove them, they may return by simply copying one cell back into your workbook
  • Unnecessary styles can cause your workbook to be slow
Named ranges
Remove unused named ranges

Clean up all those pesky #REF! errors

You can unknowingly accumulate hundreds or even thousands of unused defined name ranges, which make your workbook slow and unstable. Many of these names are hidden but clutter up the Name Manager dialog — making it difficult to see the ones you're really interested in.

  • Repair helps you to remove unused name ranges safely
  • Prevent speed issues when Excel has to trawl through thousands of broken references to find yours
  • Removes broken (#REF!) and hidden references
  • Remove them all at once
  • Run a health check anytime to make sure they don't come back
Remove excess worksheet areas

Remove excess worksheet areas

Keep your models healthy, Improve stability and performance and reduce file sizes often caused by accidental formatting of unused cells, rows or columns in your workbook.

  • Fix these instantly
  • Painstakingly dull and time-consuming to do this manually
  • Any repair function can be done independently of the other repair actions
no more hidden styles and data

Hidden data can be revealed when you least expect it

Excel worksheets can retain styles and data, even though you can't see them. Ensure that you check and remove problems before they occur with Repair Documentation.

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  • Repair is sold on an annual licence basis. The unit price quoted is for one licence for one user for one year.
  • On completing your purchase you will be sent an email containing a licence key and a link to download your Repair Software.
  • You will be notified when your annual licence is about to expire to give you time to renew for another year.
  • If you require more than 100 licenses, please get in touch.
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT and Sales Tax, if levied by your government.
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