Create is used by the SEB Investment Banking arm of the Group in offices in all Nordic and Baltic countries as well as London, New York and Frankfurt.

Project Info

SEB is one of the most recognised and respected financial services brands in Scandinavia. The bank uses Create to leverage this brand in their banking documents achieving a consistent, professional look and feel across the work they do. Initially launched in SEB during 2008, Create was used by Investment Banking team to start with before being rolled out to other business units and global locations. SEB also used Create to roll out a global rebrand in 2012.

How SEB use Create

  • Pitchbooks
  • Information memoranda
  • Buyer research
  • Transaction documents
  • Due diligence

Customer stories

Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly International is a network of independent accountancy and business advisory firms in 147 countries.

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BDO is a global accountancy and advisory firm, where Create, Compare and Repair have been implemented in over 30 countries.

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AstraZeneca have been using Create since 2008 for swifter financial performance analysis and board reporting.

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