Repair features

Clean, manage and enhance Excel workbooks

Improve speed when opening, saving and sharing

Delete range names

Delete inactive, hidden or broken references, such as #REF.

Remove custom cell styles

Excess cell styles will be removed, whilst maintaining the look of original version.

Remove excess sheet area

Clear the formatting of empty rows and columns which contain no data, but have had formatted applied.

No more performance issues

Any of these items in your file can cause performance issues when editing and sharing Excel workbooks.

Health check your workbooks

Keep your workbooks nimble by running a regular health check.

Fix some or all at once

You can fix all the issues or choose to fix one at a time.

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Retain your original

Repair always works on a copy of your workbook and maintains the original formatting that was applied.

Repair results

Repair summarises fixes, the new file name and a comparison of the old and new file size.

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