DatabookPro features

Automate your databooks with DatabookPro

DatabookPro automates the databook preparation process, saving your firm time and money.

Generate Standard (blank) Template

Template for uploading initial Trial Balance into DatabookPro.

Generate Additional Accounts Template

Template for uploading additional accounts into DatabookPro.

Generate Additional Periods Template

Template for uploading additional periods into DatabookPro.

Generate Adjustment Template

Template for uploading the adjustments (Management or Due Diligence) into DatabookPro.

Validate Uploads

When data is uploaded, the application will first validate the data to ensure that any errors are identified.

Databook Settings

Edit the project name, date, currency, output denomination, decimal points and row sorting within the databook.

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Databook Dashboard

View the QofE, QofNA, QofCF summary tables and charts within DatabookPro, before you create your databook.

Add Databook Tabs

Add a front cover, TOC and dividers using the drag and drop feature, before you create your databook.

Reset Databook Tabs

Reset tab names or tab order, before you create your databook.

Edit Periods

Edit Annual Periods, Adjustment Periods, Charts, KPIs for selected tabs, delete or update selected items, before you create your databook.

Trial Balance Account Actions

Split, Combine, Invert Values, multiply/divide x 1,000, or delete any of the selected accounts.

Trial Balance Adjustments

Add reversing, smoothing or manual (to account or category) adjustments, invert values or delete any selected accounts.

Set Classifications

Classify selected accounts as Below EBITDA (P&L only), Net Working Capital, Cash/Cash Equivalents, Financial Det, Debt-Like, or “no classification”.

Run Auto-Classifications

Run a Classification exercise to classify trial balance accounts based on key words and phrases.

Edit Periods

Edit the Annual Periods, Year Ends, Period names for the trial balance data.

Export TB and Adjustments

Export the Trial Balance and Adjustments into an Excel workbook.

Account List Views

Select at option to switch the view to Trial Balance, Management or Due Diligence Adjustments.

Databook item properties panel

The properties of a selected databook item can be edited directly in the properties panel.

QuickBooks connection

Import your data from QuickBooks.

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