Compare features

Track changes between any two PowerPoint presentations

Speed up the review process with Compare

Review changes

Using the wizard, accept or reject changes between any two files.

Merge changes

Merge all changes into one new presentation.

Summary red line

Our summary red line report will show the differences on each page.

See a list of changes

In every compare report you can choose to show a table of changes.

Edits clearly visible

Every change is clearly identified, red=deletions; blue=insertions; new and deleted slides marked.

Detailed comparison

Display the original and updated version in a side-by-side view, with changes highlighted.

Set your defaults

Compare sets your defaults based on the options you last selected.

PDF or presentation

Save your report or new version as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF.

Fine tune

Option to ignore clutter such as page numbers, formatting or shape movements or resizing.

Add a report cover

Customise your report by giving it a specific name and adding a cover and client logo.

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