Give your documents a makeover

Document design experts for Microsoft Office


Corporate identity design

We're experts in designing documents for the Microsoft Office environment. We can faithfully implement your branding into PowerPoint, Word and Excel, making the Microsoft suite do more than you ever though possible. We're experts in color conversion (CMWK to RGB), logo and image quality and fonts. Our designs can implement your existing document designs or produce new design based on your brand guidelines, logo and color palette - or even develop your design based on your website.


We understand what you do, and we design to brief

Our team have backgrounds in investment banking, financial services and advisory - to name a few. We understand professional services, because we used to do it ourselves - pitchbooks, due diligence, information memoranda, IBR, roadshows, research reports, we've done them.


What we deliver

Our clients will tell you about the quality of our work: clean, simple and modern designs which are powerful, but still appropriate for use in a professional context. Simple but effective, they make the power of beautiful design available to everyone in your company.

Customer Story

Bates Wells

Bates Wells is a leading commercial law firm based in London, with a growing advisory practice in the charities and social investment space.

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