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Customer Stories

We have seen an average saving of circa 40 hours per due diligence report
Principal - top 10 US Accounting Firm

We regularly produce a presentation with over 200 excel charts which used to take 2-3 days to complete. Now it takes 2 hours. It's a brilliant suite of tools.
Associate - Hedge Fund

Create has given a professional polish to our presentations and saved us considerable production time.
Manager - Private Equity

The biggest impact is on presentations; reducing the potential for misalignment and cementing our brand across the marketing material we produce.
Global Head of Client Services - Hedge Fund

All our presentations are created with minimal effort, in a quarter of the time it used to take us. And they look really slick and professional.
Director - Global Accountancy

The huge advantage for us is that laymen can produce professionally laid-out documents quickly and effectively, without the need for expensive design fees.
Marketing Manager

Create has increased our productivity exponentially.
Global Head of Client Services - Hedge Fund

The efficiencies have made us more productive, freeing up time to allow us to focus to winning new mandates.
Global Head of Client Services - Hedge Fund

Our brand is extremely important having undergone a significant refresh. It's important we represent the new brand clearly and consistently in everything we do.
Marketing Manager

We estimate we are saving $10K per report with Create - mainly due to the efficiencies in formatting.
Principal - Global Accounting Network