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Here you'll find a host of interesting and helpful articles about how to create fantastic looking documents, reports and presentations and discover extra features in Create, Compare and Repair that make your life a whole lot simpler.

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Organising your presentation

Organising your presentation Presentations can have automatic table of contents, section trackers and other navigation elements that can help you to present, and your audiences to read. Table of Contents (TOC) or Agenda Instantly build or update an Agenda/TOC with…

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Shape and Content Libraries built into Create

Shape and Content Libraries Shapes, images, layouts and other assets Use Create to insert slides, shapes or images in your presentation rather than native PowerPoint. Any slides you insert from Create will be formatted according to your company branding and…

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Use Tables to clearly communicate data and results

Use tables to clearly communicate data and results It’s quick and easy to add great looking tables to present data and results within your documents, reports and PowerPoint presentations. Create has a whole host of Table features that will allow…

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A chart says a thousand words

Now, charts can be charts can be automatically formatted, linked and sized to fit the destination placeholder in PowerPoint or Word with a click of a button.

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