The ultimate productivity suite for Microsoft Office

We're helping some of the world's leading financial organisations produce complex, branded documents with our powerful productivity add-ins for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, in a fraction of the time — with zero effort.

Creating professional documents
has never been easier

Effortlessly and consistently apply your corporate identity to every pitch, databook and document with our customised add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

Create for PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Transforms the
way you work

• Automates and checks your corporate branding
• Custom library of editable maps, shapes and images
• Curated, company-approved, synchronised content
• Creates graphs and tables from Excel data in an instant
• Eradicates time-consuming formatting
• Gives your staff time to focus on the message
• Radically improves speed and quality of production
• Easy to use and lowers costs

Self-customise your branding in PowerPoint and Excel with our free Preference Manager; or unlock Create's full potential with our paid-for customisation service.

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Compare Documentation - Summary RedLine Report
Compare Documentation - Detailed Comparison Report

Track changes in PowerPoint

• Allows you to spot mistakes quicker
• Speeds up the review process
• Produce a marked-up PDF or presentation
• Accept or reject changes
• View a comparison of old and new slides
• Merge changes into a new presentation

Improve accuracy and radically reduce the time you spend reviewing presentations.

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Repair results

Clean, manage and improve workbooks

• Improve speed when opening, sending, saving
• Run a quick health-check on your workbooks
• Identify and safely delete unused cell styles
• Remove inactive named ranges
• Delete excess worksheet areas

Ensure you remain nimble and issue-free when
working with Excel.

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Automate your databooks with DatabookPro

Streamline the databook preparation process. Designed specifically for financial due diligence professionals.

• Generate databooks in minutes
• Update existing databooks in seconds
• Schedules and charts recast as management or due diligence adjusted
• Auto-classification as NWC, Net Debt and Cash

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Customer stories

Read how we have transformed the way our clients work


AstraZeneca have been using Create since 2008 for swifter financial performance analysis and board reporting.

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Investec provides a wide range of financial products through its Specialist Banking services and the Investment Banking team use Create to produce their documents.

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BDO is a global accountancy and advisory firm, where Create, Compare and Repair have been implemented in over 30 countries.

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